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IPL Hair Reduction

IPL, a light based system, uses the power of light to destroy/damage hair follicles resulting in permanent hair removal/reduction. Maximum results often require 4-10 treatments.

15 Minute Session$150
30 Minute Session $250


Photofacial Rejuvenation  $300

Light is applied to face.  Sunspots, age spots, scars, and blood vessels absorb the light which converts to heat leading to lightening or completing clearing of these lesions. A series of Photfacial treatments leaves your skin with a more even skin tone, less fine wrinkles, improved skin texture, smaller pore size, and a more refreshed youthful appearance.

Pigmentation Spot Treatment with IPL Machine    $400

This facial is intended to deliver the most effective and intense amount of vitamin, niacinomide and clarifying ingredients to create the look of lighter skin, evening out the appearance of dark patches and spots Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis increase product penieration by 4,000% to target pigmented areas and reestablish the skin’s youthful glow and color. Best when done in a series of six treatments.

(60 minuteTreatment)

(Series of 6 Treatments)



Botox relaxes muscles responsible for deep wrinkles, leaving your skin with a younger, smoother appearance.  You are still able to be expressive. Fee structure is based in units of Botox used.

First 20 units$15/unit
Second 20 units$12/unit
All remaining units$10/unit

* At 2 week check-up all touchups will be charged.

Numbing Cream available for an additional charge.

All Injection Services performed by a licensed doctor or nurse practitioner.  Medical Services are under the direction of Dr. Toni Rossi-Aronson, M.D.


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